"The day will come when our children will undo what we so foolishly have done."

Edward St John QC MP 1974.

Lake Pedder Restoration Committee

The campaign to restore Lake Pedder in the heart of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

Lake Pedder – situated in south-west Tasmania, Australia – was the jewel in the wilderness, a magnificent, untouched natural formation that instilled wonder in all who had the good fortune to experience this spiritual place.

The flooding of Lake Pedder in 1972 for a relatively minor hydro-electric scheme created an international environmental furore.

In recognition of the Lake's remarkable values and its timeless appeal, the case for the waters to be drained and the lake restored to its natural splendor continues to be made – and to resonate with Australians of all age groups.

Restoration is envisaged as a national project – funded nationally, located in Tasmania, drawing on the skills and enthusiasm of all Australians, benefiting all Australians.

It would attract a great deal of positive international attention to Australia and demonstrate that Australians are willing to make major environmental investments for their future and can undo mistakes of the past.

The restoration campaign is led by the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee (LPRC) and the case for restoration is documented in a summary prepared by the committee.

LPRC Contacts

Lake Pedder Restoration Committee – Tasmanian Enquiries Adam Beeson, Convenor
Mobile: 0428 217 707

Rod Broadby, Membership, Treasurer
530 Pelverata Road
Tasmania 7150

New South Wales & National Enquiries
Peter Fagan
Mobile: 0416 031 555
Annabel Richards
Phone: 03 9836 2670

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Recent Events

For news of the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee's recent event at MONA, where the 3D visualisation Lake Pedder: from inundation to restoration was launched, see our new interim website.

The Lake Pedder Restoration Committee is deeply saddened by the passing of one of its most active and committed members, Helen Gee.

Helen was an activist from the campaign to save Lake Pedder (1967 to 1972) to the present.

She was Convenor of the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee until ill health forced her to withdraw from all her community activities in 2010. More on Helen's life and achievements.

Lake Pedder is now on Facebook – see Neil Cripps' Drain and Restore Lake Pedder Facebook page

On 16 March 2012, Senator Bob Brown met with LPRC members at Hobart Town Hall to commemorate the foundation of the United Tasmania Group on 23 March 1972. The UTG was founded to save Lake Pedder and led to the formation of the Tasmanian Greens, the world's first "green" political party.

Bob Brown shares the confidence of the LPRC that Lake Pedder will be restored, and that it will bring enormous benefits to Tasmania and Australia:
"It's coming," says Bob. "It's a case of when. And when it does come, it's going to be a huge generator of interest by business, science and (the) hospitality (industry)."read newspaper account.

Federal opposition leader Tony Abbott told a Millennium Forum function in Sydney (December 2009) "My first public disagreement with the former prime minister, Mr Howard, was over my proposal to drain Lake Pedder" – read more

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Lake and river restoration and dam decommissioning is not a "Green fantasy". It is normative, and there is a great deal of activity and proposed activity worldwide - see Lake and River Restoration Worldwide

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